Midlife Musings Interviews

"I would love to see midlife women back themselves a little bit more."
"Following your gut will never fail you. My best decisions have always come from listening to what my inner voice has nudged me to do."
"Work hard, play hard – that’s everything. Life is about passion and engaging with what you love."
"Roll with the punches and don’t try to control everything all the time. Because ultimately very little in life is meant to be taken that seriously."
"I was always surrounded by truly exceptional women who had important stories to share with the world, and I wanted to celebrate both those stories and…
"I know getting older is a privilege and I really want my kids and grand daughter to learn from my mistakes and ensure they have an enriching and…
"I wish that the never ending “guilt” that women feel about anything and everything could evaporate and that they would feel universally supported in…
"It is a beautiful thing to see a mid-life woman soar in confidence and start doing more of what she loves, thinking in possibilities with nothing…
"I found that happiness can be fleeting but being truly at peace in the moment is a skill."
"My clothes can instantly become my friendly therapist."
My fortnightly interview with inspiring midlifers